PIN_World conferences are incredibly useful for any business professional. They offer invaluable time to speak with fellow businessmen, as well as showing you new innovations in your field.Rev. Dr. Peter Isravel Nelsun Founder | President You will be able to both receive and give advice on your chosen area of expertise. PIN_World conferences also provide brilliant networking opportunities. These opportunities to grow and improve are vital for improving your work, both for your practice and your clients.


Today other religious leaders talking that we are the peace makers. That so called peace, that peace will never give the peace of mind and no one not gets the gift of life. That peace always makes a fear in the midst of the people and nation. Yes peace providing the fear.

Why it is happening? Our people or children of God   always keep themselves a distance from people   around the world. They are thinking, Salvation is the way to get the peace. That is true. But that peace is only spiritual. Not a worldly peace.

Worldly peace means, take the authority, govern, providing, love sharing, uplifting, Strengthening, sacrificing. Yes. Jesus always used all these things. So we must also use all these things.

Few years ago, a Pastor was preaching except salvation nothing is need within our believer’s life. They never want to take the authority, blessings and glory. Now the things will change everywhere, Pastors and Leaders are trying to use the authority to get their blessings and heavenly glory.  But some of them only received these blessings.  99% percentage of Pastors and Leaders never had the success. So we are going to teach, HOW TO GET THE SUCCESS?

Bible says, every success comes only through our God, Jesus. So we called it WORLD PEACE PROPHETIC CONFERENCE. If you are ready to get the success, then you must attend this conference.  Don’t think about your finance and visa. We can provide your invitation letter, your finance matters, God will take care of you.

If you can believe in Jesus, then surely you can attend this conference.

20 years ago, God said to me, through you I am going to bless and lift up my children worldwide. I remember today. That time is very near.  May God Bless You.

Already through me, God has anointed many Pastors. They are now growing big. So I and my team are ready to anoint.  Come, join, and get the anointing of success.  May God bless you all.JESUS IS THE KING OF PEACE. He is the only peace provider around the world. No one can provide peace to this world. Our king Jesus said, “Peace I leave you; my peace i give you. I don’t give to you as the world gives.”


PETER ISRAVEL NELSUN, at the age of 25, started his Ministries. One day, he was preaching in a church in Chennai, India. After finishing his preaching one person met him. He introduced himself as Dr.Moni. He was a World Bank Asian Representative and said “Come and meet me in my house.” He went and met him.  He said that, “I am going to abroad soon, if you come along with me, I will arrange your visas.”  First visit was USA, then UK and some other countries.  But brother Peter said, “Just started my Ministries in India.  I don’t know the language, English, how can i come with you?”  Dr.Moni said to him, “you preach in your own language, i will translate your messages.”  He accepted. But God said to him, you never go with him.  But I will bring in you to foreign countries.

 At that time he said to God.  Yes i will go to USA, but never go like an ordinary preacher, I will go like a Conference Speaker.  His visa was rejected to USA.  Now he knows that God has accepted his petition.

 In his 44th age 2007, he organized a One Day Pastors Conference in India. That was a very wonderful Conference.   He faced lot of problems in organizing that programme.  At that time, God’s  promise with him.  I will bless you as a Conference Speaker and International Conference Organiser. At same time Guest Speaker Rev.Dr.Udayakumar, France Holy God TV, Director, also prophesied that God is going to bless you as an International Conference Speaker.

 In 2000 also one Srilankan man of God Mr Moses, also prophesied like him, make  ready yourself, God is going to bless you as an International Conference Speaker.

 At age 53, year 2016,   he planned a Three Days Pastors Conference, he booked the preachers. But God said to him “you will organise the conference in 2019.” he obeyed and postponed the conference.  Now he started the conference work on 6,7,8, August.  Conference title. World Peace Prophetic Conference. London.  November, 2019. World Tamil Pastors Conference, Tamilnadu, India.

 Wonderful preachers are going to join with me this Conference. Through this Conference, God is going to anoint His wonderful peace upon who are attending.  Yes.  We must need this anointing, only then we can be filled.  Our Christ Jesus is ready to anoint you for the Peace in this world.


May God Bless You

Rev. Dr. Peter Isravel Nelsun
Founder | President